The quiet, outcast Genasi swordmage


Abilities: 17 STR; 14 CON; 11 DEX; 18 INT; 10 WIS; 8 CHA; Stats: 29 HP; 19 AC; 13 FORT; 14 REF; 12 WIll; 6 SPEED

Race Features: Elemental Origins; Storm and Firesoul Manifestations

Class Features: Swordbond; Aegis of Assault; Swordmage Warding


The quiet guy in the group, Yuriel hails from a lower-nobility family. Against his father’s wishes, he chose to follow the path of the adventurer and was shunned by his family except for his sister, Aramena. Because of this, he was not allowed to take the family heirloom weapons and armour normally used for battle.

Just recently, he was savagley mauled by a dire boar, but thanks to the efforts of fellow adventurer Fundin Strongarm’s Healing Word of Kelemvor, survived the battle. As a souvenir of this he claimed one of the boar’s tusks to fashion into a bracer.


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