“The world has changed…the Spellplague has wreaked havoc accross the lands. Faerûn betrays only a dim memory of things past…In her death, Mystra has indellibly left her mark upon the land…” – Author Unknown

This is the official campaign page for the Monthly RPGA Living Forgotten Realms game at Dueling Grounds in Toronto.


What is this? This is a 4th edition RPGA organized play game, in the Forgotten Realms setting.

How often do you play? We currently meet once a month, on Sundays. This is subject to change, based on interest and availability.

How do I signup? You may find signup details on Warhorn HERE. First, you must register for an account, then check the calendar for upcoming events, click on an upcoming event and signup.

Should I bring a character, or are there pregens? What type of Character should I roll? Since this is an RPGA organized play in the Living Forgotten Realms setting, you are expected to bring your own character. You can pick any race or class that are considered legal for play. Character creation guidelines are found HERE.

How much does it cost? RPGA/DCI memberships are free, and so are these sessions!

It currently says I’m waitlisted. Will I be able to play? Possibly. Keep checking on the Warhorn site to see if there are any cancellations, or if additional tables have been added.

Can I be a DM? YES! We welcome any DMs who have a rudimentary knowledge of 4th edition rules. Please email me. DMs are currently in very high demand as player participation rates in the GTA are increasing. You can actually earn some cool rewards as an RPGA DM…! When you sign up to DM for an event, you’ll get a pdf copy of the module in play emailed to you to prepare for the session.

Come one, come all!

Living Forgotten Realms at Toronto Dueling Grounds

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